Remote Recording

I’ve been remote recording for about a decade, both for indie/major label artists as well as for TV and Film. I’m available to bring my flavor to your songs or project no matter where you may be in the world.

My studio “Trackland 2” is a purpose build drum recording room designed and constructed by Matt Walker at Western Acoustic. It was built in 2020 sparing no expensive: using period accurate materials and treatment to harken back to some of the great recording spaces of 1960’s Los Angeles.

The studio is outfitted with:

Gear List:
UAD apollo interfaces 

Studer 779 sidecar 
BAE 1073 (2)
BAE racked API Legacy  (2)
Electric and Company EC3
Ampex 601 (2)
UA LA-610 channel strip 
DBX 676 channel strip 
Altec 1606a (modified)
Federal 864/RCA
UA 4710
Yamaha PM1000s (2)
Orban622b (2)
Orban 672A 
DBX 160x (2) 
Shure 267 line amp

Noteable Microphones: 
Sony C37 
Sony 535p (2)
Coles 4038 (2)
EV 654, 635, 664, RE20 (various others) 
AKG D12vr
United Fet47  
AKG D190 (2)
Beyer Dynamic m201 (3) 
Shure Unidyne III 57 (2)
CAD E100 (2)
RK47 U47 clone
RK87 U87 clone (2)
Vanguard V4
Thomsonn rb500 pair
Various cheap dymanics and contact mics-pickups, etc 

Old and new Rogers, and a bunch of other stuff. 

A couple dozen snare drums, a mountain of cymbals,
hand percussion, sequencers, software instruments, drum machines, guitar pedals and amps: plenty of things to make noise with. 

Check out my Instagram, I post recording content constantly. Reach out via DM or Email, and lets record some drums!

Instagram: @drichardbailey